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Help us finance our movie!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 1:40 AM
Now's your chance to help 30 people at once, and many more. 


Hello ! Fancy seeing you here! 

I don't talk much about it here, but I've been studying cinema for three years now. Actually, some of my oldest followers may remember the "SOME ORDINARY PEOPLE" series I've done a few years back! My studies are now done, and after a good number of projects (including a feature length movie, starring Roger Moore, where I was camera operator and colorist!), I'm finally on the verge of directing a movie very dear to my heart. I present to you: Julie. 

 JulieFB by NEOkeitaro

Julie is about a transgender woman, who after years of living as a boy, finally decides to live as what she is inside: a woman. Our story begins as she already began her transition, and decides to live as a woman, full time. She starts by meeting her old best friend, going outside a bit... But life isn't easy on a woman when everybody saw you as a boy for more than twenty years. 

I've been working on this project for two years. It took me one year to write it, as I worked closely with many transgender women and men, to write something as close to reality as possible. I'm very happy to say every one who read it as been extremely pleased with how the subject was treated: true to reality, without too much pathos. You will cry, you will laugh, and for most of you, will know a lot more about what it is like to be a transwoman today. 

The faculty of medicine of Paris heard about the project and decided to help finance us: indeed, the movie will be used as a starting point for conferences about transidentity in the faculty, as many students don't know enough about the topic, as well as working doctors, who are very often unaware of many facts. The goal is to use this movie worldwide to bring this topic to the media in a positive way, for once, and help people who suffer all over the world. 

How you can help

We started a crowdfounding campaign, here:

baniere ulule JULIE V2 by NEOkeitaro

Even though we managed to gather various financing, we're still short of some money. Not that much actually: about 800€ today. Considering how costly a movie can be, that's not much. However, without this we can't really do the movie. 

As with every crowdfouding campaign, you will of course get some goodies if you participate: pictures of the set, the Movie with subtitles, the movie poster, the script... And even a signed fine art print of my latest picture: Calla by NEOkeitaro that I will personally print from the original negative. It's pretty gorgeous! Every people who gives 10€ or more are illegible to win one print of it, and then, for the more generous of you, you can get one by donating at least 150€. 

This movie is really dear to my heart, and will really help a lot of people worldwide. If you've been following me for a while you know that I've been helping people on suicide watch for many years, and this is the chance to help people through art. Isn't it the whole point of this website, really? I know many members here who lived through difficult times and met great people thanks to this website, and now is our chance to give back to people who need it. 

Also, if you're wondering why the Mona Lisa: at some point in the movie, Julie dreams of famous paintings, where the characters are of the opposite gender. We'll do several paintings like this, including the Girl with a Pearl Earring. I'll actually be doing this one :D Here's a picture we've done to test the lighting: 

Untitled by NEOkeitaro

It should be fun :D 

Anyway, if you could give even a little it would mean the world to us (as of today, 30 people are working on the movie, not including the actors!), and even if you can't, sharing the project will really help us. 

Thank you for your support! 

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You go, girl :#1:
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